BudKicker™ Grow-in-Place

Cannabis Over-Canopy

The BudKicker-GIP Over Canopy Grow-In-Place 900W controllable Grow Light accelerates growth by optimizing the spectrum throughout the plant’s life cycle.

This product allows growers to:

  • Increase grams per square foot.
  • Directly replace energy inefficient HPS, MH, or CMH lighting.
  • Optimize light intensity and spectrum combination at various stages of the growth cycle.

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BudKicker light

Up to 230% more photons per watt vs HPS lights!

BudKicker™ Grow-in-Place Features

Single Grow Room Use

Works for a single grow room for both the Vegetation and Flowering stages.

Energy Efficient

Reduces energy by about 30% over HID lighting.

More Available Light

900W available light accelerates growth more than any other.

BudKicker light

Increased Output

Massive power, Variable Spectrum Light creates the ultimate growth environment for output and product quality.

Exceptional Efficacy

Efficacy can reach > 2.7 with this patent-pending design.

Cooler LEDs

Expands the life of the lights and decreases heat in the grow room.

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BudKicker™ Grow-in-Place Specifications

Dimensions 39.75”W x 39.75”L x 4”H
Weight 22.4 lbs
Input Voltage 220 – 277 VAC
Dimming 0-10 V
Certifications UL 8800 Wet Location, Designed for DLC Certification
Warranty 5 Years, Parts & Labor
Total Flux — PBAR 350-800nm (µmols/s) Includes Far Red 2,536
Flux – PPF 400-700 nm (µmol/s) 2,385
Efficacy — Total (µmole/J) 2.7
Efficacy — PPF (µmole/J) 2.6
Power — Full (Watts) 930
Max Ambient Temperature 40° C
decorative Prism BudKicker BKW wavelength graph