JumpLights® Inc. is a Maryland-based technology company that designs and manufactures commercial LED grow lights for use in controlled environment commercial crop production.

Our company was founded with a desire to enable indoor growers in the cannabis and greenhouse industries to use the latest technology to help produce quality crops with a high yield. Our holistic approach is anchored by our experienced team of horticultural, electrical, and mechanical engineers.

From concept and design to delivery and installation, JumpLights partners with a team of professional industry-certified installers for every project. Our partner is a Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) Corporate member and employs staff trained and certified by BICSI.

One Source for Products and Installation

We provide professional installation of our full spectrum LED grow lights using our experienced, professional installation team. They’re specially trained to install and service our grow lights, ancillary products, and associated electrical needs.

Our Process

greenhouse preparation

Site Visit
& Preparation

A site visit is critical to making a project run smoothly. Unexpected installation obstacles can slow down progress significantly, so our experts make sure everything is up to their standards. We even plan for the mechanical and electrical requirements to prevent delays and provide a reliable, professional installation.

Through it all, we work with the customer to ensure things are on track, ready to deal with any unforeseen hurdles. Our work isn’t complete until a customer has the best LED grow lighting solution for their needs installed and working properly.


Whether you need products, installation, or both, our engineers work with our sales team to provide a complete technical and pricing proposal.

Delivery, Installation,
Testing, & Approval

We perform the installation based on the detailed proposal provided. We deliver the materials, install the product if installation is purchased, and perform the necessary testing, without interruption to our customer’s schedules.

By working with our customers’ timelines and requirements, we deliver the purchased materials and provide installation if purchased, without interruptions and ON TIME.

Review, Refine,
& Results

From beginning to end, we set up reviews with our customers to be sure we are meeting all their needs and requirements.

We continue to keep in touch with our customers to be sure that they are getting the expected results from our products and installation.

Maintaining Communication

From beginning to end, we set up reviews with our customers to be sure we are meeting all their needs and requirements. Even after the job is complete, we keep in touch with them to ensure they’re getting the expected results from our products and installation.


Manufacturing Process

We proudly design and manufacture all of our products in the USA of US and imported components.

We have developed lighting hardware and software to create the industry’s best commercial LED grow lights. They were designed specifically to solve common problems with yield, quality, and consistency. Our greenhouse grow light manufacturing processes guarantee:


We use the highest quality components and operate well below their specified operating limits. Every product goes through an extensive functional test, a high-pot safety test, and is burned in for at least 72 hours. Our products are UL 8800 Certified for wet or damp environments and carry a 5-year warranty.


We use the latest technologies for high-quality manufacturing to provide consistent printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies. It all starts with Surface Mount Technology (SMT). The PCBs enter the screen printer and a machine places the components on the boards to complete the assembly.


All JumpLights products are Made in the USA of US and imported components and utilize an exceptional US manufacturer to build critical sub-assemblies. Boards are tested for quality assurance and the final assembly process is completed in our facility in Maryland.