Prism ETS Indoor

Cannabis Over-Canopy

The Prism ETS Lights represent a breakthrough in Horticultural Grow Lights with an optimum spectrum and exceptional efficacy – all at an amazing price point. Our patent-pending ETS (Efficient Thermal Stack) technology provides a lightweight, bright, long-lasting fixture that allows you to customize a power level and fall pattern that will suit your unique needs.

Prism ETS Indoor Overview:

  • Our patent-pending breakthrough ETS technology.
    • Very Bright (up to 3600 μmol)
    • Very Efficient Broad Spectrum (up to 2.9 Efficacy)
    • Lightweight (5 to 11 lbs.)
  • Flexibility – Multiple power levels and flexible spacing to provide ideal light levels
  • BKW Spectrum is optimum for indoor growing with broad-spectrum white light supplemented with a deep red and far-red light that plants love. The spectrum is comfortable and efficient for employees. An alternate spectrum without far-red is available for special situations.

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Prism ETS 430 in front of cannabis

Up to 230% more photons per watt vs HPS lights!

Prism ETS — Indoor Features

Narrow Profile

The long and thin form factor lessens plant shading and improves light uniformity at the plant canopy

Easy Installation

Easy to install and easy to add additional lights in the future if desired.

Two Power Levels

430 Watt w/ two bars; 650 Watt w/ three bars

Prism ETS 430 tool

Multiple Voltages

Can be operated at voltages from 200 to 480 VAC and can be controlled or dimmed by standard lighting control systems


A variety of mounting configurations to fit any facility or growing need

Made in the USA

Made with high-quality materials and manufactured in the USA

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Prism ETS — Indoor Specifications

Prism ETS 430Prism ETS 650
Dimensions 2 Light Bars: 4.5”W x 40”L x 1”H; Driver 2” W x ”L x 6”H 3 Light Bars: 4.5”W x 40”L x 1”H; Driver 1.6” W x 11.7”L x 4”H
Weight 6.6 lbs. 10.6 lbs.
Input Voltage 200 – 480 VAC, 50/60 Hz 200 – 480 VAC, 50/60 Hz
AC Power (Max) 430W – Can be programmed for lower maximum power 650W – Can be programmed for lower maximum power
PPF (GH1 Spectrum): (μmol/s) 1200 μmols/s 1800 μmols/s
PPF (BKW Spectrum): (μmol/s) 1180 μmols/s 1770 μmols/s
Efficacy (GH1 Spectrum): (μmol/J) 2.9 μmols/J 2.9 μmols/J
Efficacy (BKW Spectrum): (μmol/J) 2.8 μmols/J 2.8 μmols/J
Current 2.45A 3.0A
Dimming 0-10V 0-10V
Certifications UL 8800 wet location Designed for DLC Certification UL 8800 wet location Designed for DLC Certification