Here at JumpLights®, we’ve got your grow light needs covered. We offer many different services and products available to both greenhouse and cannabis growers.

Read below for answers to some of our more frequently asked questions. If you would like to speak to our team directly, please contact us today!

Our lights are designed for the professional grower and are high-intensity, high-efficacy, and feature an optimum spectrum that will last for many years. We do sell to smaller growers but have a minimum order quantity of five lights.

Over-Canopy lights hang above plants and provide light that simulates natural sunshine from above. Over-Canopy lights are used in all indoor growing applications and can be used in Greenhouses to supplement natural light.

Under-Canopy lights are lights that sit below the plants about one foot off the ground and provide additional light to the lower branches of plants which tend to be shaded by the upper branches. With Under-Canopy lights, you can dramatically improve overall yields and premium flower quantity.

If you are designing a new indoor growing facility, we recommend a combination of Over and Under-Canopy lights to maximize yield per square foot and to create the highest return on investment for the overall facility. You can also add Under-Canopy lighting under your existing Over-Canopy lights to improve the yield and profitability of your existing facility.

In indoor growing applications, with our lights, you can increase your overall yield and premium flower weight and reduce your electricity consumption and HVAC demand. We can help you assess the best lighting approach for your situation:

Maximize facility ROI, product yield, and quality with optimum light if there are no power or HVAC limitations

Reduce your power and HVAC load even while increasing light levels and plant growth vs your HPS setup

In greenhouse light supplementation applications, we can offer 1) increased light levels at the same power levels to increase plant growth, or 2) substantially reduced electrical costs while still providing the same light levels, or 3) A combination of increased light and reduced electrical costs.

JumpLights provides lights that are DLC Certified and meet the energy efficiency levels for energy rebates. We help companies work with power companies and rebate organizations to substantially reduce the cost of acquiring new lights.

Small orders can be filled directly from stock and large orders typically have a 90-day lead time.

We have several options for installation. JumpLights can mount the lights and you can have your electrician handle the electrical hookup, or we have industry-certified installation partners who can handle the complete installation including the removal of older lights on a turnkey basis.

For customers in the Mid-Atlantic region, we will visit your facility, discuss your goals, and assess the situation to develop an optimum plan for lighting. For other regions of the country, we would do a virtual meeting.

JumpLights provides a 5-year warranty on our lights and will repair or replace failed lights under our warranty policy. We can also provide spare lights for immediate replacement and are happy to work with customers on special service needs.

Our products are made in the USA of US and imported components of the highest-quality and highest-reliability. We use a manufacturing partner to assemble PC Boards and we handle assembly, testing, and burn-in at our Maryland facility.

Our lights are designed for long life and minimal maintenance. You may want to wipe off the lenses or LEDs every year or two.