Catalyst Under Canopy Light

The Catalyst Under Canopy Light is designed to solve a common problem experienced by growers.

With our product, you will:

  • Grow more premium flower underneath your canopy.
  • Unleash the economic potential of your grow room by improving composition, quality, and yield.
  • Easily add Catalyst to your existing grow room.
Catalyst Plant Cutout

We've developed a solution that will
increase your premium flower weight up to 60%

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    1. Easy to add to your current site. There is low risk and no hassle. No need to reconfigure your facility to accommodate the Catalyst.
    2. Extremely well-built and easy to use, install, and move when needed. Competitor lights require manuals. We keep it simple.
      • Fits on any standard indoor growth rack.
      • Telescopic ends provide incremental length adjustment.
    3. By directing light upward from the bottom of the rack, the Catalyst Canopy Light provides a reliable light source to plants overshadowed by the canopy. Our high-efficiency, patent-pending LED design is easy to work around and efficiently converts power into light, while a highly-transparent lens is designed to stay clean to keep the light source reliably steady.

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    Catalyst Features

    260 & 340 Watt

    Available in 260 and 340 Watt lights versions for 260 or 340 watts per 4x4 area for recommended 2-bar configuration.

    Individual Lights

    Individual lights can be temporarily removed or replaced without moving others.

    JumpLights Controller

    JumpLights Controller provides dimming and timing on its own or in conjunction with your lighting control system.

    Jump Light Catalyst

    Over & Under Canopy

    A single JumpLights controller can control both Over and Under Canopy lights.

    Cooler LEDs

    Advanced Thermal Design and custom extrusion keeps the LED’s cooler for longer life.


    Fewer and better waterproof, circular IP 67 connectors are protected and out of the spray zone.

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    • Light Source: High Efficiency LEDs
    • Spectrum: Full Spectrum
    • PPF: (μmol/s) Std. Pwr 660, Ultra Pwr 830
    • Efficacy: (μmol/J) Std. Pwr 2.5, Ultra Pwr 2.4
    • AC Input Voltage: 277-480 VAC
    • AC Input Power: Std. Pwr 260W, Ultra Pwr 340W
    • Current: Std. Pwr 1.0A @277VAC, Ultra Pwr 1.3A @277VAC
    • Dimming: 0-10VDC
    • Controller: Graphical LCD (Optional)
    • Dimensions: 4.5”H x 3”W x 8ft L adjustable
    • Weight: 11 lbs.
    • Warranty: 5 yrs
    • Certifications: UL8800 wet location certified; DLC Certification Pending
    • Max Ambient Temperature: 40° C

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    Jump Light Catalyst