Our product designs revolve around each customer’s unique growing needs. JumpLights helps you plan your solutions with our-four part plan:

catalyst light and cannabis plants
  1. Evaluate your needs

    Determine your challenges and the results you want to accomplish.

  2. Measure your current lighting

    If desired, we will measure your current lighting intensity, spectrum, and uniformity so we can offer the best solutions.

  3. Create a custom solution

    Your design and solutions plans: We assess your challenges and needs to make our recommendations on the best solutions.

  4. Tracking

    JumpLights continues to support our products and your implementation, long after the installation of our recommended solutions.

Our Products

catalyst grow light


Cannabis Under-Canopy

The Catalyst Under Canopy Light is designed to be placed under your plants to solve the problem of insufficient canopy light penetration. This easy-to-implement and reliable light fits on a standard indoor grow rack and is proven to increase your premium flower weight by more than 20%!

BudKicker grow light


Cannabis Over-Canopy

The BudKicker Over Canopy Light is a full spectrum, high-intensity LED Grow Light that provides more light output than HPS or other LED grow lighting products. It enables growers to produce substantially more grams per square foot of premium flower.

BudKicker light

BudKicker™ Grow-in-Place

Cannabis Over-Canopy

The BudKicker-GIP Over Canopy Grow-In-Place 900W controllable light accelerates growth per square foot by replacing inefficient HPS, MH, and CMH lighting, and optimizes light intensity and spectrum combination at all stages of the plant growth cycle.

turned on prism grow light


Greenhouse Over-Canopy

Our Prism™ lights are a direct replacement for Greenhouse HPS lighting. The Prism LED lights provide up to 50% more light while consuming 30% less energy than HPS lights, producing significant savings!

SpectroTouch controller screen

SpectroTouch Controller

Cannabis Greenhouse Over-Canopy

The SpectroTouch Controller has the best overall control on the market and controls multiple JumpLights Lighting product simultaneously and is compatible with all our lighting systems.