The History of JumpLights®, Inc.

JumpLights® Inc., headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, stands as a pioneering force in the realm of advanced LED horticultural lighting. Founded by CTO Matteo Del Ninno and COO Paul Song, the company embarked on its journey as a distributor of Korean lighting technology tailored for the American market. With the invaluable addition of CEO John Peeler, boasting extensive expertise in high-tech LED product development, the team swiftly distinguished themselves within the industry.

Recognizing prevailing limitations in existing products, they embarked on a mission to innovate, crafting cutting-edge lighting solutions that redefine industry standards. Collaborating with two manufacturing production partners, JumpLights ensures swift delivery of superior products to its clientele. Committed to ongoing advancement, the company focuses on enhancing indoor and greenhouse lighting solutions, particularly in horticulture facilities. Notably, their innovations hold substantial advantages over conventional offerings, promising increased yield and quality for greenhouse commercial crop and indoor cannabis production.

With a diverse clientele, including esteemed partners seeking premium solutions, JumpLights remains steadfast in its dedication to excellence.