JumpLights® Inc., based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, is an innovative, experienced manufacturer of Advanced LED Horticultural Lighting products for commercial crop production. The company was co-founded by CTO Matteo Del Ninno and COO Paul Song. Initially, they were a horticultural lighting distribution company importing Korean lighting technology into the American market.

CEO John Peeler joined the team, bringing with him decades of high-tech LED product development and management experience. Woody Story joined in early 2021, bringing a wealth of knowledge and 38 years of sales management experience, including setting up national sales organizations.

After making a name for themselves, the team realized that the products available to consumers had significant shortcomings. They developed new lighting products that offered unique approaches within the industry. The team has partnered with two manufacturing production companies to ensure products are delivered to customers with good lead times.

The company continues developing high-performance solutions for indoor and greenhouse lighting as well as control in horticulture facilities. These lights have substantial advantages over the competition. Their current focus is on new product innovations for Greenhouse Commercial Crop and Cannabis Indoor production. This will significantly increase the yield and quality of premium plants within existing facilities. We’re proud to serve all our customers, including high-profile clients who turn to us for their needs.