SpectroTouch Controller

Cannabis Greenhouse Over-Canopy

The SpectroTouch Controller has the best overall control on the market because it controls multiple JumpLights models simultaneously.

This solution is compatible with any available JumpLights lighting system and many standard racks.

  • Designed for easy-to-control Light Intensity, Spectrum, and Photoperiod at various plant growth stages to provide maximum crop yield and quality.
  • Provides control on its own or in conjunction with your existing lighting control system.
  • Control up to 100 of both Under-Canopy lights and Over-Canopy lights.

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SpectroTouch controller screen

Up to 230% more photons per watt vs HPS lights!

SpectroTouch Controller Features

AC Input

Runs on standard 120 VAC.

Complete Control

Single control for 100 lights allows growers to control Intensity, Spectrum, & Photoperiod.

Lighter Weight

Lightweight solution mounts on wall or rack.

SpectroTouch controller screen

Flush Mode

Low-Intensity Flush Mode for easier visual inspection.

Easy to Read Displays

Graphical LCDs makes adjustments and reading easier.

Better Control

Provides dimming and timing on its own or in conjunction with a lighting control system for both over and under canopy lights.

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SpectroTouch Controller Specifications

AC Input Voltage 120 VAC
Input Aux Control 0-10 VDC
Aux Input Connector  
Control Connectors to our lights  
Mounting Wall or Rack
Warranty 5 years for the light,
7 years for the power supply