Leafy Plants

Leafy plants encompass a diverse array of nutritious and vibrant plants, including lettuce, spinach, kale, basil and more. These crops are renowned for their crisp textures, appealing colors, nutritional densities, and unique flavor profiles. With their popularity on the rise, growers are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance their cultivation and ensure optimal growth.

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How Lighting Impacts Leafy Plants

Lighting plays a crucial role in the successful cultivation of leafy plants, and at JumpLights®, we understand the unique requirements of these crops. By adjusting the spectrum and intensity of different light wavelengths, growers can have precise control over crucial plant characteristics, including height, leaf size, pigmentation, and overall quality.

Proper application of light can also prevent tip burn, drive secondary metabolite production for nutrition and pigmentation, and increase productivity through use of a light staging program. We built our products to withstand commercial production, then used science and onsite trials to develop the perfect spectrums and recommended programs for all types of leafy plants.


At JumpLights, we believe in empowering growers with knowledge and tools to optimize their horticulture lighting practices. That’s why we encourage you to delve into our comprehensive Resources page, where you’ll find a wealth of valuable information to elevate your cultivation.

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Prism ETS — Greenhouse

Greenhouse Over-Canopy

Our Prism™ ETS Greenhouse Grow light is the perfect lighting solution for your Greenhouse Grow Facility. Our patent-pending ETS (Efficient Thermal Stack) technology provides a lightweight, bright, long-lasting fixture that allows you to customize a power level and fall pattern that will suit your unique needs.

SpectroTouch controller screen

SpectroTouch Controller

Cannabis Greenhouse Over-Canopy

The SpectroTouch Controller has the best overall control on the market and controls multiple JumpLights Lighting product simultaneously and is compatible with all our lighting systems.