We’re excited to announce that we’ve received a $125,000 investment from the Chesapeake Bay Seed Capital Fund as part of our $1.65 million seed round of funding, which was also supported by Mizrahi Enterprises LLC.

The Chesapeake Bay Seed Capital Fund’s mission is to support Maryland-based startups that offer innovative technologies that contribute to the Chesapeake Bay’s restoration. With the Maryland Department of Natural Resources supporting them, they’re able to provide substantial support for those who support the Bay. The fund is administered by the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute.

Matteo Del Ninno, Chief Technology Officer of JumpLights says, “The Chesapeake Bay Seed Capital Fund’s investment in our company has already yielded impact. Before the investment, we were doing six figures in annual sales. We are now on track to hit eight figures in 2025. We’ve hired more engineers and sales staff and we’ve scaled up our manufacturing.” 

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