Here at JumpLights®, we’re dedicated to providing you with the support and service you want and NEED from your grow light manufacturer.

The JumpLights promise of “We Wills'” is our guarantee of the service you can count on, even after your lights have been installed!

We Will


  • Filling your needs in every area is the number one way we will interact with you.
  • We will be honest about the ability to fill your needs and provide the right solution.

Stand Behind Our Reliability

  • Use the highest quality components and operate all components well below their specified operating limits.
  • Our Products are Made in the USA.
  • Use an exceptional US Manufacturer to build critical sub-assemblies.
  • Do final assembly and test locally to make sure everything is perfect.
  • Send every product through an extensive functional test, a High-pot Safety Test, and is burned in for at least 72 hours.
  • Our products are designed and certified for UL 8800 Wet Location.
  • Our products carry a 5-year warranty.

Provide The Best Service and Support

  • Our Engineering, Manufacturing and Services staff, from the executive level down, will do whatever it takes to resolve issues and satisfy our customers.
  • Offer a trained installation partner to provide turnkey installation if required.
  • Have trained salespeople that understand our products.
  • Have trained professional field reps that provide additional support.
  • Can be contacted 7 days a week.

Provide The Best Products Through Science and Innovation

  • Develop Lighting that plants love.
  • Our products are DLC and UL8800 Wet Location certified and/or designed.
  • Support product changes for special applications.
  • Have leading experts on-board in LED technology, Horticulture, and Mechanical engineering.
  • Always research the market to implement the latest technology and beyond.
  • Design and test new product features to push the technology.

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