Greenhouse Grow Lights

JumpLights was founded with a desire to enable indoor farmers to use the latest technology and to help produce a better crop yield and quality.

We have installed hundreds of lights into greenhouses and indoor grow facilities. Our clients have been so impressed by the results that they have returned for additional purchases.

Whether you’re growing vegetative crops or going to full maturity through fruiting and flowering, greenhouse growing allows you to extend growing seasons while taking advantage of natural sunlight. Supplementing this light with greenhouse grow lights allows you to increase consistency, predictability, and control over varying seasons and cloud cover.

Greenhouse Products

What Makes JumpLights LED Greenhouse Lights Better?

colorful flowers in a greenhouse

JumpLights LED greenhouse lights have a long, narrow profile to stay out of the sun’s way and hidden behind the light’s mounting bar. They work very well for low DLI crops when they are spaced farther apart, and they work very well for high DLI crops when spaced close together. We recognize that all systems are different and offer additional options such as dimming (reducing the light output up to maximum power) and governing (reducing maximum power).

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Prism ETS 430 tool

Prism ETS — Greenhouse

Greenhouse Over-Canopy

Our Prism™ ETS Greenhouse Grow light is the perfect lighting solution for your Greenhouse Grow Facility. Our patent-pending ETS (Efficient Thermal Stack) technology provides a lightweight, bright, long-lasting fixture that allows you to customize a power level and fall pattern that will suit your unique needs.

SpectroTouch controller screen

SpectroTouch Controller

Cannabis Greenhouse Over-Canopy

The SpectroTouch Controller has the best overall control on the market and controls multiple JumpLights Lighting product simultaneously and is compatible with all our lighting systems.