Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants encompass a broad array of plant types & varieties, but at their core they’re garden plants. They are specially bred cultivars that have improved qualities such as color, shape, scent, and longer lasting blooms. With their demand on the rise, growers are constantly seeking innovative solutions for improvements to their cultivation practices. This is done to ensure top quality plants make it to the end customers.

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How Lighting Impacts Ornamental Plants

Light plays a fundamental role in the successful cultivation of ornamental plants, and at JumpLights®, we understand the unique requirements ornamental growers face in producing these crops. By providing tailored lighting solutions, growers can have more control over plant growth, flowering, structure, pigmentation, and overall quality.

Ornamental producers stake their reputations on the quality of the products they produce. The use of supplemental lighting gives them the advantages of early flowering, continuous production, and predictable yields.


At JumpLights, we believe in empowering growers with knowledge and tools to optimize their horticulture lighting practices. That’s why we encourage you to delve into our comprehensive Resources page, where you’ll find a wealth of valuable information to elevate your cultivation.

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Our Prism™ ETS Greenhouse Grow light is the perfect lighting solution for your Greenhouse Grow Facility. Our patent-pending ETS (Efficient Thermal Stack) technology provides a lightweight, bright, long-lasting fixture that allows you to customize a power level and fall pattern that will suit your unique needs.

SpectroTouch controller screen

SpectroTouch Controller

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The SpectroTouch Controller has the best overall control on the market and controls multiple JumpLights Lighting product simultaneously and is compatible with all our lighting systems.