We know the up-front cost of grow lights can be alarming. Luckily, there’s a solution in rebates and incentives—some of which you may already be eligible for!

Did you know that power companies and utility providers offer compensation for utilizing energy-efficient grow lights? Subsidizing lights proves far more cost-effective for power producers than constructing new power plants. The extent of these subsidies varies among producers and states. While some offer modest amounts, others provide substantial subsidies.

However, it’s essential to note that securing rebates and incentives can be a complex and time-consuming process. That’s why it’s important to have them top of mind at the beginning of your new lighting project. Find free money to offset upfront costs so you can have a lower operational cost!


Rebates—or money back from your purchases—are typically given out post-retrofit. Power companies usually require an existing lighting system that’s been in operation for a certain time frame to establish a baseline for existing power usages. Once the retrofit to a more efficient lighting system such as JumpLights LEDs is completed, the power company can assess the new energy saving and calculate the rebate amount. 


Depending on their location, some operations also have access to USDA REAP Grants. This is a program that provides guaranteed loan financing and grant funding to producers for making energy efficient improvements to their operations. JumpLights works with customers to help determine eligibility and assist customers throughout the application process with necessary information.   


Incentives cover a whole range of monetary perks. They could be grants, discounts, or even the rebates we discussed above. If you want to take advantage of incentives, it’s important to seek them out prior to installing new lights. This process typically involves lengthy lead times—sometimes exceeding six months—so early action is essential. The amount of incentive offered varies across power companies and may be influenced by the efficiency of the selected fixtures. More efficient fixtures generally qualify for larger incentives.

Can I Apply for Them Myself?

While individuals can apply for incentives, grants, and rebates independently, it’s not advisable. Collaborating with consulting firms specializing in rebates and incentives is strongly recommended. It’s important to select a rebate partner experienced in horticulture, as they possess industry-specific knowledge. These consultants maintain relationships with power companies and are familiar with the application processes and key personnel, resulting in faster processing and enhanced rebates. Their compensation is typically a percentage of the total rebate or incentive received, eliminating upfront costs for clients. 

We’ll Help You Get There

No matter which of our products you choose for your operation, you’ll be maximizing energy savings while improving your yield. So in addition to making great products, you’re increasing your eligibility for these crucial rebates, grants, and incentives!

If you’re ready to have a conversation about efficiency and savings in your operations, get in touch with JumpLights.