Our innovative greenhouse and cannabis LED grow lights provide the right combination of both spectrum and intensity to produce the maximum premium crop yield and quality.

Our LED lighting provides higher light output than HPS lights while operating at a substantially lower power level, saving you about 30% on power consumption before AC cooling and other costs are considered.

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Our solutions are suitable for any size growing operation, and our USA-supplied solutions are the most advanced and easiest to use on the market. They make optimizing plant growth easy and over and under canopy lights can be simultaneously controlled using our SpectroTouch Controller, or the customer’s controller.

Our Under-Canopy Lights represent a breakthrough in technology, providing more light in an easy-to-implement configuration and our Over-Canopy Lights and Light Controller can be used together to adjust both spectrum and intensity to optimize growth in each phase of the plant’s life. The following are some of the salient features that enable our Under-Canopy and Over-Canopy lighting to stand out over other grow lights.

Over-Canopy Lighting

  • Massive power with Blue Boost creates the Ultimate growth environment for output and product quality.
  • Gives the grower the tools to increase terpenes and cannabinoids by strategically increasing stress-inducing Blue light in late growth phases.
  • Much more available light to accelerate growth than competitive products.
  • Exceptional efficacy in patent pending design.


  • Our Catalyst Under Canopy Lights can be added for increased plant yield and controlled from the same controller that controls the Over Canopy lights.
  • Extremely well built and easy to install and remove.
  • Fewer and better waterproof, circular IP 67 connectors are protected and out of the spray zone.
  • Available in 260 and 340 Watt light versions for 260 or 340 watts per 4×4 area for recommended 2-bar configuration.

JumpLights® doesn’t compromise crop yield and quality when designing LED Grow Lighting for replacing or complimenting conventional HID Lights. We provide better light intensity and controlled spectrum for all stages of growth.

Our team is here to help you choose the power, spectrum, and controllability that is right for you.