We are JumpLights

JumpLights is revolutionizing the horticultural lighting landscape. With our breakthrough lighting technology, we are focused on enabling next-generation agricultural yield while lowering the overall cost of production. Our proven lighting technology grows plants fuller and faster than our competitors, and we are well-positioned for growth. We have three best-in-class lighting platforms and we’ve recently partnered with a major national producer in the greenhouse marketspace to help source and secure additional deals.

Our patent-pending disruptive technology provides full-spectrum light that mimics natural sunlight in a more energy-efficient way than alternatives. We’ve also developed innovative and unique under-canopy lights that enable growers to increase yield within existing grow facilities with only a moderate cost increase. Our core technical and executive team is strong, with proven growth experience in both early-stage and large-scale technology companies.

Are you ready to grow with JumpLights?

The Opportunity

There are many sales opportunities where you plug into a position that someone left, or you are “red ocean” battling on price in an existing market. You have to adapt to established systems and processes and the “way we do things around here.” That isn’t the case here and this opportunity is unique. This is an opportunity to be part of a newly established sales team and a ground-floor opportunity to leverage your unique sales strengths and talents to help us understand the customer landscape, build new relationships, win business, and create lifelong JumpLights fans.

With JumpLights, you join an early-stage startup company as one of our first sales representatives. Your key objective is to hunt for new opportunities, close sales, and drive revenue. You’ll also build contacts and connections, provide product feedback to our R&D team, hit your goals, achieve sales targets, and help build a great company.