Lighting Insights

Our thoughts and insights on technology, methodology, and industry trends for all things related to the LED grow light world.


A Brief History of Grow Lights

For greenhouse growers, lighting has always been a critical element within our industry. However, before the 20th century, greenhouse lighting was inefficient, unreliable, and of...

jumplights under canopy lights

Benefits of Under-Canopy Lighting for Your Growing Needs

If you have a greenhouse or indoor growing facility, you’re probably thinking about using under-canopy grow lights, and you’re not alone. When it comes to...

lettuce under grow lights

Know Your Grow Light Terminology

Without light, plants simply wouldn’t be able to grow. But some kinds of light are much more effective than others at helping plants flourish. If...

plants under grow lights

A Practical View of HPS vs. LED Grow Lighting

In the early 20th century, the refrigerator was made available as an alternative to the icebox, however, iceboxes continued to be quite popular until around...

woman looking at growing cannabis plants

5 Reasons to Switch to a New Grow Light Manufacturer

Finding the ideal grow light manufacturer: When you’re in the business of growing, whether it is lettuce, cannabis, or flowers, your grow lights are a...